Fidget Spinners

Anxiety disorders affect an estimated 40 million Americans. For those who suffer, the state of dread and worry is often a constant companion.

While prescription medications are popular treatments for anxiety, there other options – essential oils, herbal supplements, and even objects that can help soothe the symptoms of anxiety and stress.  According to a study in 2016, a sensory experience can help with self-regulation of “achieving calm, focus and creativity.”  Here are several objects to help quell anxiety when it hits:

Fidget spinners
You’re probably familiar with these – they’ve quickly become the must-have toy for children and adults of all ages.  Fidget spinners are designed to help those with ADHD, anxiety, autism and other issues, focus. They’re small, ball bearing devices that the user can rotate in a variety of ways between his or her fingers. According to manufacturers, the momentum of the toy provides a calming sensory experience.

Lavender eye pillow
Lavender is known for its calming and relaxing properties.  If feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, take a five-minute mediation break with a lavender pillow to center your thoughts.

Worry stones
These are smooth, polished stones, with a thumb-sized indentation. They are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one’s thumb back and forth across the stone.  This self-soothing exercise can help counteract negative thoughts and habits.

Rubber bands
Place a rubber band around your wrist.  Any time anxious thoughts creep into your head and overwhelm you, snap the rubber band against your wrist.  This anxiety treatment is designed to take you out of your head and snap you back into reality.

Newton’s Cradle
Perhaps the most classic item on the list — you know the one — when one metal ball is lifted and released, the energy transmitted through the other balls.  The melodic clicking sound, as well as the visual, helps calm nerves.

These objects are great calming techniques for minor to mild anxiety. If you suffer from serious anxiety or stress, consult a physician at Tristan Medical to determine the best treatment options for you.