Unlike much of the health care in the United States, which focuses on curing disease, the role of primary care physicians is to focus on preventive medicine, on preventing the disease from developing in the first place. They do this by monitoring the health of their patients, educating them about dietary and exercise habits, and […]

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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

A personal and effective program for long term weight loss.

Our weight loss program starts with an initial consultation to evaluate your current health. This consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation for blood pressure, weight and body fat index, muscle and water content and how fast your metabolism works. You receive individualized […]

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Pain Management

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Your pain and discomfort can be managed.

Our goal is to diagnose and reduce the patient’s pain as much as possible through various techniques and treatments. Once the patient is stabilized, we refer them back their Primary Care Provider with our recommendations.

Our advanced diagnostic and therapeutic treatments help patients achieve improved function and the […]

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Tristan Medical Primary Care is committed to treating every patient with dignity and courtesy as we strive to provide the best medical services possible. At Tristan Medical, we understand there is a lot more to staying healthy than just getting a regular checkup every year.

Wellness requires keeping up with follow-up exams and physicals, but […]

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