Tristan Medical Forms

Tristan Medical HIPPA Forms

HIPPA Patient Privacy Brochure (Patients must receive this form at Check In)
Notice of Privacy Release Form, Raynham (Patients Sign this Form at Check In)
Notice of Privacy Release Form, North Attleboro (Patients Sign this Form at Check In)


Patient Information Form

Patient Information Form, Raynham
Patient Information Form, North Attleboro
Release of Medical Information


Employee Handbook

Handbook PDF file
Workforce Confidentiality Agreement


Patient Referral Form

Patient Referral Form


Athena Portal Form (This is what we give to patients with a pin number)

Office Portal Flyer (The form is in color, it will print in black and white)


Employee Forms

Employee Warning Notice
Complaint and Resolution Form
Performance Review


Student/Resident/Observer Confidentiality Form

Confidentiality Form


Envelopes for Tristan Locations

Avon #10 Mailing Envelope
Brockton #10 Mailing Envelope
Fairhaven #10 Mailing Envelope

New Bedford #10 Mailing Envelope

Raynham #10 Mailing Envelope
Taunton OHS #10 Mailing Envelope


Fax Forms

Avon Fax
Brockton Fax
Fairhaven Fax
North Attleboro Fax
New Bedford Fax
Raynham Fax
Taunton Fax


Letterhead Forms

Avon Letterhead
Brockton Letterhead
Fairhaven Letterhead
North Attleboro
New Bedford Letterhead
Raynham Letterhead
Taunton OHS Letterhead


Tristan Logos

(JPEG can be used in Word, Forms etc.)
(EPS high-resolution logo for signage, high res printing)

Tristan Medical Primary Care Centers
Occupational Health
Pain Management
New England Center for Hair Restoration
Express Care