Practice Areas

Tristan Medical Services

Primary Care

Unlike much of health care in the United States, which focuses on curing disease, the role of primary care physicians is to focus on preventive medicine, on preventing the disease from developing in the first place. They do this by monitoring the health of their patients, educating them about dietary and exercise habits, and referring them to specialty care when necessary. The difference? Primary care physicians, trained in a number of different medical disciplines, practice preventive medicine, not crisis medicine.

Urgent Care

We are committed to providing the highest quality immediate care for your acute, episodic illness, or injury. For serious, life-threatening emergencies, you need to get to your local emergency room or call 911. Click here for a list of conditions that normally warrant to trip to the emergency room and an explanation of the types of problems typically seen in an urgent care facility.

Occupational Health Services

Worker Assessment and On-site Consultation for Business – Preventive services are an important component of our comprehensive approach. We can help you identify conditions that could compromise the health and productivity of your workers. Together we can develop a plan to address the issues unique to your organization.

Advanced Pain Management

Our advanced diagnostic and therapeutic treatments help patients achieve improved function and the possibility of facing a pain-free future.

The genius of Advanced Pain Management is a single referral for pain to our facility is the only step you need to take for patients. Pain has become too complicated to treat without utilizing all of the available resources. We do the complicated part for you. Primary Care for Pain may lead to a more productive and happier lifestyle, let us help you.

Miray Clinical Research

Tristan Medical offers world class clinical trials and studies for diabetes, cardiovascular and heart related diseases, COPD and Asthma, gout and arthritis studies, and others. The studies afford our patients early access to new drugs and treatments in a safe, monitored environment.  Miray Medical Research, Tristan Medical PC has a dedicated research team of qualified doctors and research staff.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Our weight loss program starts with an initial consultation to evaluate your current health. This consultation includes a comprehensive evaluation for blood pressure reading, weight and body fat index, muscle and water content and how fast your metabolism works. You receive individualized consultation with a member of our Wellness Team to assess your weight loss goals. After your initial consultation, our team of medical professionals will meet with you on a weekly basis to help you reach your goal weight as quickly and as safely as possible.

Hair Replacement Surgery and Restoration

Using the latest surgical techniques, New England Center for Hair Restoration provides more natural flowing hair at a better value. Thousands of men and women from age 20-70 who have used our approach look and feel better. With a combined 32 years experience performing hair transplant surgery, you can be assured of the very best care and results with our team. Our center is led by Dr. Ryan Welter, a board-certified physician.

Vitality Medical Aesthetics

At Vitality Medical Aesthetics we are here to help you with a variety of treatments for personal well being. We offer a comprehensive program for hair removal, laser wrinkle reduction and brown spots to programs for the treatment for acne and cellulite. We have medical doctors available for your treatment.